What is copyright symbol?

The legal right of the person and firms on the products and services created by all kinds of intellectual labor is called copyright. The copyright symbol is "©". The right to ownership of an idea or work is called. Like articles, books, compositions, photographs, pictures, photographs, etc. the intellectual property rights granted by law to those who produce scientific, literary or artistic works. These rights can be used by the person personally, to sell and rent; and unauthorized use, reproduction and distribution of rights by court decision. It is protected by special laws, regulations and regulations. The intellectual patent protects the product of the creator's thought power, creativity and labor. Every country has its own copyrights principle. The copyright for a product is taken under the protection of the country in accordance with the regulations of that country. Public order and benefit, protection of general morality may be an exception to the protection of copyrights. The right to protection is valid for a certain period of time. If not renewed, these rights will be removed and the work will be open to common use. It can be used without permission from the owner.

  • Copyrighted works in terms of written works: Articles, lectures, books, lyrics etc.
  • Copyrighted works in terms of visual works: Pictures, photos, posters and so on.
  • Copyrighted works in terms of audio and visual works: Movies, serials, videos, sound recordings, music, etc.
  • Some other copyrighted works: Games, computer software

When we look at the historical background of copyrights, the first developments start with the invention of the printing press. For this reason, the invention of the printing press is considered a turning point for the development of intellectual rights. The first regulations in the field of intellectual rights emerged in the form of printing privileges given by the orders of the administrative authorities, but the concessions have gradually reached a stage called the ownership of the publishing house, which eliminated the rights of the author. The first law that protects the authors is “The Statute of Anne” adopted by the British Parliament in 1709.

Copyright Sign HTML Symbol

Like other methods of typing a copyright symbol, it’s so easy for HTML users. You can add a copyright symbol to your documentation with using these codes below :

html copyright hex


html copyright named


html copyright decimal


An example code using the copyright symbol name would be as follows.

<p> &copy; 2019 Erick Zind </p>

<p> &#169; 2019 Erick Zind </p>


Copyright; it is the legal right that a person obtains on a real or virtual phenomenon. Copyright; can be taken for a work, a thought or a written text. It is possible that the character you create, even in a movie, is copyrighted. If you get copyright, the law gives you certain privileges, and you cannot prevent the use of your projects or ideas and enjoy legal rights when you do not receive a copyright. Copyrights entered into our lives in 1948 with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Copyright is useful to protect the material and moral interests of the person who creates an idea or work of art. The creative power of human is the source of all invention and art products. These works are a guarantee that makes human life worth living. Ensuring the protection of inventions and works of art is a government duty that must be carefully monitored. The first law that protects the authors is the “Act Anne” adopted in England in 1709. The purpose of this Law is to observe the author economically and to encourage science. In England, the rights and sculptors, respectively, were later included in the law.

In European Union Law, as a general rule, the principle of free movement of goods within the community applies. However, this rule is exempt from intellectual rights. Since intellectual rights are accepted among absolute (monopolistic) rights, it is possible to move the work freely or with limited permission only with the permission of the author. Finally, copyright is one of the most important Essentials of today’s commercial life.

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